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06 August 2019

Living the paperless student life is something I've always wanted to do since I was in high school. While the education system where in the Philippines is constantly evolving to be more digital each day, there are still certain aspects that need to be or are better in print. When I started out as a college freshman last year, I made it a point to look for a more sustainable alternative for my yearly paperback planners as my little way of helping to save the environment because I still believe that even the tiniest efforts count, and collectively, they can make a difference. However, with the limited selection available in the market for less or even for free (trying to save my coins all the time hehe πŸ€‘), my goal didn't seem to be quite an easy feat. 

Photo by EstΓ©e Janssens on Unsplash

As a stationary junkie, I know very well that decent, cute planners begin at 500 pesos and the best ones (Moleskin, Leuchtturm1917, etc.) for bullet journaling or bujo at 1000+ pesos. I don't know about you guys, but seeing how every planner I fill up to the last page always ends up just lying around collecting dust and waiting to be replaced come the next year, didn't motivate me even in the slightest to continue spending that much on something I know could definitely cut back on. For several years, I opted to get 50-100-peso notebooks and DIY-ed them into the planner that I want from the inside out (kinda like the one above).

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

I even went as far as designing my own printable weekly planner like this one just to switch things up. And even though I printed the pages out on scratch papers, it still wasn't as good for the environment as simply keeping a digital one. To compensate...

On my iPad, I downloaded at least 5 different planner apps at a time just to try them all out and (hopefully) see which one I can work with in the long run. None of them were exactly bad per say, but because I've gotten used to the way I customized my own planners in the past, I wanted to find something that offers (at least almost) the same features:

  • To-do list portion
  • Daily agenda
  • Weekly agenda
  • Monthly agenda
  • Personalization
  • "Strikethrough" option (just because it's satisfying to do after every work done)
  • And more...

So when I found one that surprisingly fit my requirements, I was very keen to share them with my friends, which include you guys, my readers. myHomework is not the most downloaded student planner app, and I've never known anyone to talk about it before. That is why I feel really excited to be sharing more about it from here on out.
As college starts again very soon for sophomore me, I plan to use the app again to help me organization- and productivity-wise. The first thing I do is type in my courses for the semester, not forgetting the days I will be attending them on during the week. Once I input my tasks, I have the option to view them in several formats:

 To-Do List 

For the purpose of showing you how I use this planner, I saved some of my entries last semester, hence why the lists are already in strikethrough text (meaning I've already completed them). I love how I can conveniently make use of this option by swiping an entry to the right and then to the left if I want to undo it.

 Complete–Late–Upcoming Timetable 

This format is especially useful in determining which tasks to prioritize and accomplish first. Obviously, the goal is to not have any items on the "Late" column. I appreciate having the "Completed" column there just because it's extremely rewarding to see my progress no matter how seemingly endless my workload is most of the time.

 Monthly + Daily Agenda 

I don't gravitate towards visiting this format as much as the next one, but it's still good to have as an option every now and then.

 Weekly Agenda 

This is easily my favorite format. It's actually the one I've set to show up every time I open the app. I just love seeing how my week's gonna go or is going so far, and I usually start working from there. I can also browse through the previous and upcoming weeks as I please without any hassle.

 Basic (Free) Version vs. Premium ($ 4.99) Version 

And now for the part everyone's waiting for...

 What I Love 

  • It's free! 😍
  • The premium version is affordable and worth every cent. I especially like losing the ads and being able to set the theme to my preference.
  • I think it's made for me. Everything's basically laid out to my liking, and I'm all for it.
  • The mechanics are very simple and all around user-friendly, which is why I no longer felt the need to talk about how to use the app and mainly focused on what it can offer.
  • I can easily sync my data between devices, so I don't have to worry about having to bring just the one device (my iPad, for example) everywhere all the time.
  • It's versatile. I'm pretty sure I can still use it even when I'm not a student anymore.

 What I Do Not Love 

  • The theme changes back to default when I'm not able to use the app or connect to the Internet every once in a while. It's just a minor problem, but I'm still hoping they're able to fix it soon! (update: the myHomework team is already working on it)
  • While there are already a number of pre-made themes available, it would be nice if more would be added to the selection. But for now, I'm just happy that I can create and use my own.

I hope you found this helpful in deciding whether or not you try myHomework. Because Love, Lois is a personal blog, I'm always happy to share about things that I genuinely love. If you do decide you want to try it though, the first 10 of you guys can get a 1-year Premium version of it for FREE! Just click the link here. As always, have a lovely day wherever you are in the world right now, take care always, and love lots!

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