EUROTRIP: Paris, France (Day One)

01 July 2019 Paris, France

 Outfit Details 
Flannel Top • Burberry
Denim Jacket • Bershka
Black Leggings • Forever 21
White Shoes • Tretorn
Backpack • Fjallraven Kanken

It is June 9, 2019, Sunday. At 4pm, we (Dad, Mom, Ate, Poy, and I) attend the holy mass at the Shrine of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, conveniently located near NAIA, buying us enough time to check-in 2 hours before our flight to Bangkok followed an hour later by a connecting flight to Paris. At 7pm we are already at the gate waiting for our boarding time. However, due to a red lightning alert, our flight was delayed and eventually cancelled until the afternoon of the following day. Despite being given accommodation (and a ridiculously fancy one at that) for the night, we could not help but brood over the fact that we just lost an entire day to what was essentially our first ever family Europe trip. Nevermind the one night fee for the Paris hotel that has already been paid for since it would be reimbursed by the airline sooner or later. What was extremely disappointing is that we lost an entire day of sightseeing due to a totally unprecedented, irrevocable, and undesirable reason. 24 hours may not seem much, but if you think about all the time we spent for planning, preparing, and even traveling there, it really is quite the inconvenience.

All the excitement I built up for months went away almost instantly. I probably remained in a state of shock from the moment I heard that our flight was cancelled until we were only a few hours away from our departure time for Paris. Not to mention, by the way, that none of our flights after that was on time at all. Needless to say, it was easily the most stressful travel experience we've had so far, and I sincerely hope that nothing else comes to top that.

It only dawned on me that we were, after all, still on our way to Paris when the cabin crew finally served us croissants and fruit parfaits for breakfast (they were actually pretty good for plane food). While we were eating, I slowly felt at ease again and then spent the rest of the flight sharing a pair of earphones with Poy as we watched Friends together on his phone until we landed. (How many times did I say "flight" in the last paragraphs? I know. I hate it, too.)

When we arrived, it was a clear sunny day in Paris, although a bit chilly (15°C-ish). I was quite alarmed, knowing I didn’t bring a lot of warm clothes for this trip. There's a reason why I suggested that we go on a Euro Trip specifically in the summer: I was beginning to get sick of to dealing with heavy winter clothing and find it a little too tiring to walk around streets, battling the freezing cold. It is June, pero ang lamig pa rin?

Anyway, after checking in at our hotel, which is conveniently located in the Louvre area (literally a 2-minute walk from Musée du Louvre), we carried on with what was left of our supposed-to-be 4-day itinerary. First order of business: Parc Disneyland. 

This is where we had the best chicken wings we've ever tried at any Disneyland. I didn’t get to take a picture though because we were all so hungry and just dug right in. As per our usual Disneyland conquests, the "kids" (Ate's 22, I'm 19, and Poy's 15) go off to try all the best roller coasters and other extreme/interesting rides available in the park while the "oldies" 😂 (obviously Mom and Dad) do their adult thing—going on the river cruise, taking pictures, eating, napping, more eating, etc. When you think about all the eating and napping, our parents' way actually sounds more fun than ours.

(here are some low quality stills from the video I took)

When everything's all done, we meet in front of the castle (or at least try to, what with all the kids fighting their way to sit on the curb all around the place to get the "perfect spot") just in time to watch the parade of Disney stars. My personal favorite would be the princesses' of course. We then went on the It's A Small World, as per the Mom and Dad's request. But who are we kidding? We all love it. 


We didn’t bother waiting for the late night fireworks display just because we were really dead tired, to be honest. Plus, we've already seen the show before. Still, I hope we didn’t miss much.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by the nearest grocery store to pick up some dinner and an adaptor for our extension cord. You'd think that with the five of us, one would remember to bring the right adaptor for our trip. But it didn’t happen this time. 

By 11pm, I think we were already sound asleep, ready to start the next day. Well that is, except for our parents who were wide awake, on their phones, trying to run our business, a thousand miles away from home. They really are our superheroes.

We've had quite the mishaps so far, and a few more are bound to come, we just don't know when. But none of them compares to the best reality that we're all together traveling again. This is probably gonna be the last big one for now since Ate's gonna be an intern already come the next summer. And you all know, as much as possible, we stick together for family travels. We're that clingy.

But I can’t wait for the rest of this Euro trip. After all, this is the one trip I've been waiting for since I was just a little girl, watching Madeline, Mr. Bean, Harry Potter, and every other Western film or tv series that comprise a huge part of my childhood. The only sad thing is that we won’t be going to London, my absolute favorite city in the world, this time because we've already been last 2015


 Outfit Details 
Black Hat • South Supermarket
Sunglasses • Sunnies
Turtleneck Dress • Divisoria
Watch • Daniel Wellington
White Shoes • Tretorn
Backpack • Fjallraven Kanken

For now, I'm in Paris! The beautiful city of love, which like London, is where old meets new in the most beautiful way (although I still think London's way ahead of my faves). I'm really the most excited because I poured my heart into planning our itinerary for this leg of our trip. So stay tuned for the rest of the blog posts! They're coming, I promise.

Passez une belle journée où que vous soyez dans le monde, prenez toujours soin de vous et aimez beaucoup! (Have a lovely day wherever you are in the world right now, take care always, and love lots!)

♡ Lois

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