My Gradball Experience + Cyrill's Promposal

03 July 2018

Ever since I was a little girl, who was so obsessed with watching chick flicks ranging from Cinderella Story to Mean Girls and more, I've always dreamt of having the perfect prom night. I was so sure, that like the girls in those movies, I'd have everything planned for that one night, considering how much of a perfectionist I am, and therefore things would go well. Of course, with my thinking about it all too much, I probably jinxed everything, and thus on the day of our grad ball, at 7am my parents and I were already up scrambling around town to find (not even the perfect, but) just a decent long gown for me to wear that night since my mom and I agreed we didn't like the one we actually had made initially. Not to mention that just the day before that, we were also cramming to find a pair of heels to go with my previous dress. Everything I needed for the big night was done hastily and at the last minute (which I do not recommend at all because we did end up wasting some money).

Frocks truly was a life saver. I was so lucky to have found a dress that could be altered to my size within the day, just in time for our call time at 5PM. Even though I did not get my dream gown, I was perfectly fine with what I had. In the picture, the gown looks more maroon than magenta, but I love color grading my shots this way hehe.

Gown: Frocks Couture
HMUA: Red Sarmiento


 M Y   D A T E 

Everyone knew I was going to the grad ball with Cyrill, and he no longer had to ask me to be his date. But Cyrill told me, "Sa tingin mo ba hahayaan ko talagang wala (kang promposal)?" or "Did you think I'd really let you have no promposal?" And so on May 22, exactly 4 days before Caleum–the name of our gradball, Cyrill surprised me with this:


I have to tell, he really pulled this one off. I had no idea the whole time. My family and I came home from a day of running some errands (Cyrill asked to come with us), and I went straight to my room to get changed while Cyrill waits for me in the living area. And lo and behold, this beautiful surprise was waiting for me on my bed. Cyrill told me his mom even helped him put it all together, and that's so sweet.


And these are, by far, the absolute best flowers anyone has given me.

Now, back to the grad ball...

We originally planned for Cyrill to pick me up from our house so we could ride together to prom (just like in the movies), but I knew there was no way that that was going to happen because the whole family would want to take pictures with us at the venue. And here we are...


The program didn't start until 7-ish, I think. The food was satisfactory, the music was enjoyable, but the people were perfect. I did not get to take a picture with everyone at our table though, so I have nothing to show. But I'm really glad Cyrill and I spent the night with them. After all, what better way there is than to end the school year with those whom we enjoyed most of it with.

My favorite part would have to be dancing with Cyrill and our friends and taking pictures with them.

     I could get really sappy and sentimental right now just because high school's finally ended, and I'm gonna miss a lot of things and of course people. I mean I'm no longer gonna see my best friends every day at school. It's gonna be even harder to make sure our planned trips won't become "drawings" in the end. But I have to save all my emotions for when I finally bring myself to write a graduation blog post, so keep posted.

Have a lovely day wherever you are, take care always, and love lots!

♡ Lois


  1. That's so cute that he still asked!! We don't really make a big deal of prom where I live but I actually ended up not even going to mine! You looked gorgeous, girl! xx

    Angela |

    1. You probably didn't miss a lot anyway :) Thank you so much! <3

  2. Though it is not your dream gown but it looks so amazing on you..perfect fit and gorgeous are looking beautiful...❤️


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