17 People I'm Thankful For In 2017

01 January 2018

I always like to be thankful no matter what. It may not be as profound as all the other facts about me, but I like counting my blessings and showing my appreciation towards them. Now that 2017 has ended, despite how crazy things got, I want to share some of my most favourite human beings and the reasons why they are. Needless to say, in 2017, I truly realized the value of my loved ones.

Disclaimer: This post might get really sappy. You have been warned.

1. Mommy, for being my bestest friend in the whole world.
2. Daddy, for all the corny dad jokes–he's my idol.
3. Ate, for being my "one call away" best friend and for all the make-up advices.
4. Poy, for buying me Sims 3 on my birthday, for being the sweetest brother, and for being my rock.

5. Ate Nine, for buying me two packs of Dragon Seeds when I mentioned that I love them, for being my sundo, and for being the best cousin ever!

6. Ate Luz, for being the most thoughtful tita who's really more like a second mother to me, Ate, and Poy.

7. Nanay Potchie, for our little talks about my love life and for being so malambing to me.

8. Inay Lulu, for praying for me for my college entrance exams.

(from left to right)

9. Fatima, for one of the oldest, most solid, friendships I have.
10. Irish, for keeping track of the littlest things I say and for always having the same thing in mind.
11. Aena, for being the one I always share my favourites (tv shows, movies, etc.) with and for showing me how strong someone can get.
12. Marga, for reaching out and for appreciating me as a friend.

13. Erika, for being my Beki, for always having food and for being someone I'm very much grateful to have become even more close friends with this year.

14. Pani, for always listening to my kwentos, for never judging, and for staying the same/best through the years.

15. Neon, for being more like a brother than merely a cousin to Ate, Poy, and me. 

16. Kuya Joeven, for being my sundo when I have to go home late from school.

17. Last but absolutely not the least, Cyrill, for watching my fave Disney shows and movies with me, for introducing me to Ex Battalion music, and for being my best friend.

OKAY so when I reached 17, I realized there is no way I am concluding this post with too few people. I have more to be thankful for. There's...

18. Athan, for being the joy and light of our lives–he's the baby who's made so many appearances in my Instagram and Snapchat stories.

19. Nicole, for reaching out and making me feel like a good ate/cousin from giving her some very serious advice about school.

20. Gelo, for being my Bi Ep Ep and for believing in me.

21. CK, for being the one I send F•R•I•E•N•D•S tweets to and for remembering me on special holidays.

22. Migui, for being my clutch ride and for that really touching 18th birthday greeting he gave me.

23 & 24. Tintin and Bilog, for being my first childhood best friends and for doing great in school–I am proud of you both.

25. Me, for "doing amazing, sweetie." Hehe. 

Thanks for making 2017 perfect. Have a lovely day wherever you are, take care always, and love lots!

♡ Lois

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