Saying Goodbye To 2016

04 January 2017

Notwithstanding the reality that quite a lot of people have so easily convinced themselves of 2016 being nothing but a crappy year, the life-affirming person inside of me has chosen to see past all the flaws and negativity which were realized in 2016 and instead appreciate the confined beauty and positivity that it comes with. 

In this blogpost, I have put together a video montage (above) of all the incredible experiences I have had in the past year as a "thank you" to all the people whom I have shared these memories with. Know that whether we have known each other for a short or long time, you have made a massive difference in my life, and so you are dear to me. I wish for the best for us this 2017! Thanks for stopping by on the blog.
As always, have a lovely day wherever you are, take care always, and love lots!

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