The Happy List – Volume 1

19 July 2016

Something that's always important for me is to keep being positive most of all the time. It makes me constantly motivated to do stuff and just take life as it comes. This series, The Happy List, will hopefully make my normal habit of sussing the happy things going on with my crazy life more worthwhile because this time I'm finally sharing them with you guys. My first ever happy list on the blog goes like this:

 1. Rainy Afternoons Days 
You guys know me. I'm all about the whole "rainy day > sunny day" thing. You better believe forever exists because this will certainly be my forever favourite. PS: It's "tipping it down" in all British form right now.

 2. Family Road Trips
I mean how can you not love family road trips when you're incessantly distracted from reading a good book because your mom and dad won't stop singing together to the radio, jokingly arguing over who's got the right lyrics nonstop? Moments like this when we're reminded that we've got the cutest parents (and life is good) instantly puts a smile on my face. I honestly thank God every single time.

 3. Cyrill's Weekly Visits 
I'm beyond grateful that Cyrill gets to visit me every week now, especially that we're on a 5-month long "summer" vacation. I love seeing him spend time with my family, too. Last Saturday, we all went out for a late lunch and later attended the 5PM mass. We also visited my cousins and hang out for a bit. Early morning that same day, Cyrill helped me work on a new blog logo, a blog favicon, a blog ad photo, a youtube watermark, and some errands for our family business. He's been incredibly supportive to me, it's crazy. He pushes me to do better at things he knows I love to do. And I really appreciate him so much.

 4. Good Music 
Believe it or not, not more than a month ago, I just discovered that I can freely play any songs on Spotify with my iPad (and not have to deal with the "Shuffle Play" option on mobile). Since then, I've been listening to a lot more songs in the app. I even updated my Roadtrip w/ Lois playlist. And if you want to check it out, my username is as usual, loisvinas. I promise, I made it a point to alternate Ed Sheeran songs with my new picks just so the playlist doesn't look like a mere collection of his music. 

 5. Disneyland, Here We Come! (Again) 
You guys might already know, my family loves to travel. And in hopes of making the most out of our few remaining days of summer vacation, my mom booked a last-minute flight to Hong Kong for the five of us (still not sure if my cousins are gonna come, but I hope they will). We leave in a little over a week! I am so excited. Hong Kong has always been my favourite Asian country (outside / besides the Philippines, of course). And it's nice to see Disneyland again for the 4th time – HK = 2 ; LA = 1.

 6. Phone Replacement: Coming Soon 
I'm less than 2 weeks away from getting my phone replacement, and it's probably the thing that I can't wait for the most. If I get my phone before we fly to Hong Kong, then I'm definitely gonna vlog the whole trip. If not, then another GoPro travel video diary won't hurt. Hahaha! So stay tuned, subscribe here.

 7. That "The Best Of Tumblr" Page On Facebook 
Just my all time favourite Facebook page, this is! If you're like me, and you only go on Facebook to scroll through your timeline and check what's good, you'll definitely love seeing The Best Of Tumblr posts – honestly makes me wanna go back to Tumblr. If you can find my account, you deserve an award.

 8. Being Productive 
Don't get fooled by me being a constant lazy bum. I still like doing productive things at the end of the day, which is why I always try to get up early in the morning – say maybe 8 or 9-ish? I certainly don't like waking up so late and realizing, "Whoops, I just lost an entire day!"

That's everything for The Happy List – Volume 1! I hope this makes you want to count your blessings as well and smile for the happy things. Have a lovely day wherever you are, take care always, and love lots!
♡ Lois


  1. 1. I like it when it rains, too, bes! Cool > hot indeed. Except when I'm just commuting and I forget my umbrella... Much of a hassle!

    3. Really happy about you and Cyrill! You are so sweet together... Hahaha.

    5. Taray naman! Pasalubong, bes!

    6. Can't wait for your first (shall I say *real*?) vlog! As I have mentioned before, set the standard for what constitutes as a good upload, PLEASE!

    1. Yes, that's why I like it when it rains, and I'm indoors. Hahaha! Aww thank you, bes. ♡ Sure thing! Well, I certainly don't know if my (currently unlisted) London vlogs can count as "real" vlogs. 🙈


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