ATM With Lois (Chapter 2)

25 June 2016

I'm sorry for the blurry picture. I took it while the car was moving.

I like to think my blogging hiatus is over for now. And hopefully, I can keep up. I am well aware that I've been MIA on the blog (and even on Instagram & Snapchat) for so long. Honestly, I didn't realize that the days have already gone by that quickly. The thing is I was under quite a lot of stress these past few weeks, following the unfortunate incident of my phone getting soaked inside a waterproof ziploc case –the irony is unreal, my friend– and my MVP (which I'm pretty I sure I talked about in my 15 Facts About Me post), being quite on a roll with me lately.

The latter, I can actually deal with more easily since I just have to get some really good sleep, drink my medicine, blablabla. But the former meant I've lost virtually everything that's keeping me in track and motivated to write – including pictures and video clips from our recent travels, songs I've spent years collecting, important messages, documents and files, etcetera, etcetera. Imagine my horror, when it finally hit me that every single thing I planned to do, post, edit, and write about were all gone. 

I'm a living proof that someone can be stupid enough to not back up storage for 6 months and then completely destroy her phone whilst swimming – which is new because I've never ever broken a phone in any way before. And that's saying a lot because in the past I certainly have gotten my phone wet a couple of times as I like to prop it up anywhere in our bathroom whilst I'm listening to music in the shower. I have yet to get myself some portable (and possibly water resistant) speakers. Nevertheless, my phone has always worked again afterwards. Kaya nakaiyak talaga, mga bes, sobrang sad huhu.

I'm currently working on sorting everything out – with the help of my parents, of course. So fingers crossed, and may the odds be ever in my favour. Yieee, look at me quoting the Hunger Games. Hahaha! But enough about that. Let's talk about what's really happening with my life right now.

The time is 11:28PM. I should be sleeping, I know, but I'm not passing up on the opportunity to write while I'm motivated. And I'm also listening to the "Top Hits Philippines" playlist on Spotify – that sounds sponsored, but I promise you it's not. Hahaha! I just genuinely like the playlist mainly because it generally has all my favourite songs right now, which I'm not giving away. So check out the playlist and listen for yourself, or maybe wait for a "What I've Been Loving" post that's coming up soon. I'm working on it at the moment. Yaaas, multi-tasking at its finest by yours truly. *bobs a curtsy*

Before I end this, I wanna know: do you ever spend practically the whole day just lurking on everybody's social media accounts? Because if you do, you might want to consider following me as well. Hehe I'm joking – half joking. Shameless self promo, yikes. Someone stop me. But now that we're already on that topic, I just added a "SUBSCRIBE" widget on my blog (right). And you're absolutely free to sign up and enter your email address for news + updates from moi. Don't worry, even though the subscription stays anonymous, I'd still highly appreciate it. :)

Lastly, I kinda changed the blog title from "loisviñas" to "Love, Lois" if you haven't noticed yet. I just fancy the idea that I'm sending my love to you guys through the blog. And besides, I always end posts with a "♡ Lois" anyway. I hope that's alright because I ain't gonna change it back, hahaha! Thanks for dropping by. I hope you have/had a lovely day wherever you are, take care always, and love lots!

PS: Back up your storage, and don't trust "waterproof" ziploc cases.

♡ Lois


  1. I still feel bad for you, girl! Hahaha. Do you have your phone replacement already?

    1. I'm waiting for the update na lang, so soon! :)

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    Taray naman po! Hahahahhaha.


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