ATM With Lois (Chapter 1)

26 April 2016

I've been holding up this new blog post idea since forever, and I'm glad I'm finally getting to do it. I thought of ATM (At The Moment) With Lois as a thing I'd like to do every so often as my first official blog series. Basically, I would just be talking about everything and anything under the sun that is going on in my life no matter how boring or interesting that may be because after all when I started this blog, my main goal is to document my life and share its bits and pieces with you guys. So hey, welcome to ATM With Lois Chapter No. 1!

The time is 5:55PM, and I'm sitting on my bed, getting as comfortable as I can be. I just turned off my little air conditioning unit because the afternoon heat is practically gone anyways. Thank God. While watching my favourite tv series, I'm munching on one of my favourite snacks ever – chocolate covered blueberries. This is actually my 6th time watching Friends from beginning to end, and I still really really love it. I'm on S01 EP24, by the way, which is the one where Ross has to leave for China because of his job. And that's not good because Rachel just found out he loves her, and she has to confront him before he leaves. Typical love story conflict, but hey, it's Ross & Rachel. And you gotta love Ross & Rachel. Personally though, I'm more of Monica & Chandler (or should I say, Mondler) kind of girl.

There's nothing much that's going to happen after this because obviously it's nearly the end of the day. So I think I'll just carry on watching this episode and then play the Kendall and Kylie app later – I'm just waiting for my energy bar to be full again. Then, I'm gonna work on another blog post until dinner time.

I hope you have/had a lovely day wherever you are, take care always, and love lots!

♡ Lois

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  1. Finally bes! You were motivated enough to post something new again. Hahaha. I like that tray thingy that you have on the featured image. Is that like a desk for the bed? Where did you buy it? Anyway, I look forward to your future posts in this series. Why don't you make it weekly, or maybe daily like mine? Hihi. ♡

  2. It's a portable + foldable desk thing that also opens up, so you can put things inside it - very handy. I'm pretty sure you can get one at Landmark or Cd-r King. Thanks bes! I'll try! :)

  3. I would definitely take a look at that :) Sure bes!


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