15 Facts About Me

06 February 2016

 Fact #1:  First name, Lois. Last name, Viñas. I am the middle child amongst 3 siblings. I call my elder sister Ate (she has a blog, too, by the way) and my younger brother, Poy or Popoy.

 Fact #2:  I am so small. Really, I am. I once voiced out how I used to want to become a stewardess / a model in the future, but then my two tall classmates made fun of me for it hahaha. Without a doubt, I've never been tall enough for anything serious at all, and I really, really despise it.

 Fact #3:  I love love. I just do, and I also believe forever really exists. #sorrynotsorry My parents have been married for 20 years now, and they're my ultimate OTP (One True Pairing).

 Fact #4:  I was bullied by my "friends" during the 5th grade, and I was too scared to tell anyone until the summer break when my mom asked why my grades were going down – I'M YELLING TIMBER! Okay I'll stop hahaha.

 Fact #5:  I am a perfectionist when it comes to my works. I do not like mangy and crappy outputs. I hate working under (time) pressure as I usually take too long "perfecting" my works. I actually almost never finish anything on time.

 Fact #6:  It is my goal to taste every baked mac in the world. If it's on the menu, I'm ordering it. PS: I don't like Italian food though. PPS: I also love tacos, street foods (e.g. isaw, dugo, calamares, etc.), mangga (mango) with alamang, and that thing with the vanilla gelato on an old fashioned oatmeal choco chip cookie, among many others.

 Fact #7:  My favourite tv series of all time is Friends. I like it better than How I Met Your Mother, and I feel like everyone's gonna hate on me for it, but it's the truth. I don't have a favourite character though I especially want to sing Smelly Cat with Phoebe one day.

 Fact #8:  England is my dream (home). I'm jealous of everybody living/studying/working there.

 Fact #9:  I love love love pineapple on my pizza. And mushrooms too. I just don't like olives and pepperoni.

 Fact #10:  I have a heart-shaped birthmark on my back, and I think it's my favourite body "part".

 Fact #11:  I prefer bags over shoes, and my absolute favourite brand is Cath Kidston. I find myself browsing their website from time to time, just to look at the pretty floral patterns they're famous for. It's a shame that there's not too many Cath Kidston stores where I live. But it's not like I also have the money to purchase anything every time, so that's good.

 Fact #12:  I have MVP or Mitral Valve Prolapse, which means I get frequent longer-lasting hiccups, heart palpitations, heart burn, and trouble breathing every once in a while. Hahaha, ang saya diba? I'm also not allowed copious amounts of coffee, soft drinks, or anything acidic. Even so, I don't have any allergies, which is something I'm really grateful for.

 Fact #13:  Despite my overwhelming obsession with the Brits (and the MVP thingy), it's coffee > tea for me anytime. But I also like hot chocolate.

 Fact #14:  I always look forward to going shopping in Divisoria because I do not like wasting my well saved (not earned, just yet) money on unreasonably high-priced things. I am very kuripot, which is one of the best and worst things about me, I admit.

 Fact #15:  The number 15 is my favourite number because I was born on the 15th of September. I like to believe that it's my lucky number as well.

I'm sure you guys got to know me a little bit more by just going through all this. As you know, I still don't have a proper About page up on the blog, so this post will just have to do for now, hihi. 

Have a lovely day wherever you are, take care always, and love lots!

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