London, UK: Visiting My Future School

22 December 2015 London, UK

A trip to London would not be complete without visiting Queen Victoria's childhood home, the Kensington Palace. It's easily one of those places that just makes you wonder how nice it would be to become royalty. 

If you ought to know, Princess Diana actually used to live here, too – in the private side that is not open to the public. Now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge live here with their son, Prince George, and daughter, Princess Charlotte. 

An independent charity called the Historic Royal Palaces is managing the public side of the Kensington Palace. They accept all valid student ID cards from anywhere in the world, so students can enjoy the concession price. How amazing is that?

My absolute favourite from all the galleries inside was Fashion Rules wherein dresses from the collections of Her Majesty The Queen, Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana of Wales were displayed.

Here's a glimpse of the palatial interior design.

It's 3 days before Christmas!


Later in the day, after going iceskating at the Queen's Ice and Bowl and having lunch, we visited the Royal Albert Hall which was conveniently located in front of my future school.

 The Royal College Of Music 

I'm only kidding, though. Hahaha. I can only wish.

Finally, we decided to take the last bus tour and ended up in Westminster by night time. It was my first time to see the Big Ben in person, and it looked incredible. Actually, scratch that. No word will ever be good enough to describe it. The picture below is definitely an understatement. You just have to see it for yourself.

I even attempted to take pictures with my Instax camera, but I failed miserably and eventually gave up. But I've convinced everyone that we'll come back again tomorrow, so I'm gonna take better pictures then.

And that was it for today's adventures. Enjoy yours wherever you are, take care always, and love lots!

♡ Lois

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  1. You're so blessed to travel so much in such a young age. How I wish I can also do that. You're so pretty, Lois! :)

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

    1. I do feel very much blessed every time I get to travel. And don't worry, I'm sure you'll be traveling in no time, too! Thank you so much, you're too sweet. <3


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