London, UK: Celebrating My Parents' Anniversary

23 December 2015 London, UK

On the 23rd day of December every year, we celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary. This year's was made extra special (at least as I perceive it) because we got to celebrate it in the best city in the world. Quite frankly, I still can't completely believe that we are indeed actually here in London.

My mom and dad have been working harder than ever for our family these past couple of years, and I know that because a lot of things have improved significantly for us. For one, we wouldn't be here otherwise. Though this is generally a good thing, there is no denying that the two of them really deserve this very much needed vacation. I'm just glad that they still opted to bring me and my siblings with them. Truly, family = ohana, and ohana means no one gets left behind. How cheesy is that?

We started this very special day by hearing mass at the famous St. Paul's Cathedral. It wasn't a Sunday, and we came in at around 7AM, so there were only a few people inside the glorious, massive cathedral. The quiet and calm inside induced me to take my time and thank God for every thing that's been happening at the moment – for every blessing He has been continuously giving us. I am just genuinely so grateful beyond words.

After the mass, we just took some pictures outside the cathedral and went on with the rest of our day. It was still chilly, but fortunately the sun came out. And I think that's why everyone seems to be happy.

Now I understand why locals love sunny days so much. A lady even shared on the "London" Snapchat Live Story, and I quote, "Good morning, London! The sun came out. Miracles do happen. Have a nice day everyone!" And indeed, it was a nice day.

As planned, we went back to Westminster and said hello to the great Big Ben once again. I took loads and loads more pictures than any other normal tourist did just because I didn't want to forget how amazing it looked. Clearly, I was going for the "no regrets" mantra.

 Big Ben 

But seeing as this is a blog post and not a photo album, it's only right that I pick only one picture. Believe it or not, that was even harder than I thought. Thankfully, I got some help from Cyrill. He's become my professional "photo-picker" – if that makes sense (or even passes as a real thing), hahaha.

 London Eye 

Before going on the River Thames Cruise, I asked my mom to take a picture of me with the Big Ben. And I really loved her shot (above). Thank you, Mom! 

 HMS Belfast 

 Tower Bridge 

The cruise up the Thames had a little stop just by the HMS Belfast, a big ship used in the world war, and the "London Bridge," which is actually really called the Tower Bridge, in contrary to the popular nursery rhyme. Yep, I bet your childhood was a lie, too. Hahaha! There we hopped off, so we could visit the Tower of London as well.

 Tower of London 

Today has been, without a single doubt, perfect. I hoped you guys had a lovely day as well wherever you are, take care always, and love lots!


  1. These photographs are gorgeous! Next time you come over here, I really recommend going to China Town, Earl's Court (where they have Filipino food!!) and Stratford (where they have the HUGE Westfield Mall and the Olympic stadium quite nearby)!

    x Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ | Florrall

    1. Aww, you're so nice! I'll definitely keep those in mind. Thank you so much, Nicole. :)


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