I finally got a sewing machine!

25 November 2015

I've been wanting to get a sewing machine for the longest time, and I finally got one. PS: I know this wasn't on My 2015 Wishlist, but oh well.

When my dad picked me up from school today, he told me that my mom was at the mall doing some early Christmas shopping, and we're off to pick her up next. 

We met up with her at the gift wrapping section, and she handed me this box (photo above). I didn't get what it was at first because only the top part was showing from the paper bag. And she said, "Binili na kita ng sewing machine." ("I got you a sewing machine.")

For the last few months, I've been begging her to have our old one repaired because I've already passed up a lot of DIY's that involved sewing – I couldn't work on them easily without a machine. But it turns out that we'd be ending up paying more for the repair of the old thing compared to buying a new one. Obviously, the latter was the better choice. However, since then, my mom hadn't got the time to do so until today.

I unboxed the thing to find out that the actual sewing kit comes with an adaptor, a foot pedal, a protection plate, a bobbin winding pin, 4 bobbins (3 with white thread, 1 with black thread), a threader, a needle, and of course an instruction manual.

I've only tried mending a few pieces of clothing that I already own, and I've also fixed my mom's pouch. So far, this set's working really great for me. I love it so much!


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