Seoul, Korea: Day Two

24 May 2015 Seoul, South Korea

The 24th of May was a Sunday, so we started the day off by attending mass at the famous Myeongdong Cathedral. It took us a while to finally get there since directions are minimal from the locals who were not very familiar with the English language. 

The cathedral was so beautiful, and I hope this picture gives justice to that. Even though we didn't understand majority of the ceremony held (as it was in Korean), our visit was nonetheless worthwhile.

After the mass, we explored the streets of Myeongdong while we wait for my mom's friend and her kids to meet us for a small get-together. PS: I don't have a copy of our picture with them because my phone was not used to take it.

We also got to try their delicious, spicy rice cakes – picture below.

This reminds me of our Filipino street foods. Isaw? Yum!
But of course, we had to eat real food, too. And by that, I mean rice.


This place was sooo good – definitely worth the money, haha! I didn't get to take a picture of the actual ulam being cooked on that copper wire gauze thing. That's because I was too hungry to remember.

After eating, we ate some more, and I had a good serving of strawberry-yogurt ice cream. I wish we have ice cream cones this tall here in the Philippines!

Then we took a cab to see more of Korea. And we learned that riding a cab is actually cheaper than taking the subway trains here!

We went straight past that small temple and came face to face with the statue of King Sejong the Great. After taking loads of pictures under the blazing heat of the sun, we decided to go shopping for unique finds at the bazaars going on around the lot. 

Apparently, they only open on Sundays. We were so lucky!

I got this auth. Cath Kidston backpack for almost 70% off of its original price. It went from 98,000 Won to 30,000 Won! GOOD FIND! I just knew I had to get it and pose for a picture in front of the gates of Gyeongbokgung Palace. This only proves that good things come to those who know where to shop! *wink wink*

After finally crossing the busy street, we went inside and paid for the entrance fee to see the actual temple.

It was a very hot day! Who needs to tan at the beach when you can go to Korea?



Look at this statue thing outside the palace. It's smiling!

We were supposed to try on the free kimonos, but the parlor was closed for another 4 hours. So we decided to go to the Lotte Department Store instead and spend the rest of our afternoon there, eye shopping (the Korean-English slang for "window shopping").

Here's a random selfie inside the place.
And then we realized we could not eat any more of the spicy Korean food they have in fancy traditional restaurants, so we went back to Myeongdong Street to get some McDonald's. Yey!

Look at that tan line, though!

Thank God I remembered the way to that McDonald's or else, we would have eaten somewhere else.

Myeongdong has got to be my favourite place in all of Seoul – at least among the ones we got to visit! I found myself always anticipating our adventures there, especially at night because we loved the night market. Everything is to die for!

PS: If you want to buy cheap cosmetics, Myeongdong is the place to be!

I hope you guys liked this!

♡ Lois

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