Seoul, Korea: Day Three

25 May 2015 Seoul, South Korea

On our third day in Korea, we went to see the N Seoul Tower. We had to buy tickets for a round trip on the cable car to visit the place. I think it was about 8,000 Won per person or something. I'm not sure, but you can check out their website for ticket prices anytime.

It's just now that I realized I didn't take a picture of the actual tower itself, and took loads of selfies instead.

I want to have my best friend as my travel buddy, too!
 The scenery was amazing. It felt like I was in Baguio, only that I was very very far away from home. As expected, a lot of pictures were taken.

I feel like this is the most rubbish out of all the travel posts I will write about our stay here since by the looks of it, it's just full of pictures of me.

Anyways, we did the love lock promise thing there as well.

And then afterwards, we went to the Trickeye Museum. It was exhausting to try and pose for every little art piece, but we all had so much fun.

We also tried the Ice Museum.

We went inside a room filled with ice statues and murals kept together by the 0 degree temperature. It was like entering a massive freezer. I'm so glad I brought a jacket with me that day.
After that we went back to Myeongdong to eat at the same place we ate the day before. We really did fall in love with the beef, haha! And then we realized my mom left her phone on the taxi we were in. But no one could help us because we didn't have a receipt from the driver.

We picked up one important lesson from that incident: Always, ALWAYS take the receipts when you ride taxis in Seoul (or everywhere). Just to be safe. It will help a lot.

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