Seoul, Korea: Day One

23 May 2015 Seoul, South Korea

On May 22, 2015 (a Friday), we left for Korea. 
Since our flight was at around 3:30 in the afternoon, we decided to do some last minute shopping at MOA and have our lunch there as well.

I bought a dark washed denim button down shirt and a pair of Ray-Ban clubmaster knockoffs (as seen on the pictures above and below) from Forever 21 and a pair of high waisted black jeggings from Uniqlo just because I needed more basics. They're not in this post, but you'll probably see me wearing them in the next ones.

By 2:30, we've already arrived at the airport, just in time for check-in before boarding.

And then our flight was delayed, yay! 
But it's okay because I got to take cool selfies with the good lighting from the sun.

When the plane finally took off, and we were so high up above the ground, I realized I have the best seat to watch a breathtaking view of both the sun setting and the moon rising simultaneously.

It's probably not as good as it looks in this picture, but oh my gosh, it was very beautiful.

It felt so good to be more than 30,000 feet above an ocean somewhere, witnessing such a glorious scene that I would never have been able to see if I wasn't in that moment, traveling to see and experience the world. 

I've been on a plane for 15 times now, but this was one's my favourite so far. It's definitely one of those moments you'll consider priceless in an instant.

The plane landed at 9-ish (three and a half hours after departure), and then we took the airport limousine bus from Incheon Airport to Seoul where we stayed at Hotel PJ, a nice place conveniently located near one of the metro train stations, Chungmuro Station, with a free shuttle bus service for their guests and has a very nice staff as well as an overall good environment. I actually recommend trying it especially if it's your first time visiting the city.

Anyways, we decided to go to Everland Resort in Yongin on our first day. We took the subway because it's really just what we know best, haha.

We've been used to traveling by train whenever we visit other countries like Singapore and Hong Kong since it is, after all, a lot cheaper than taking taxis and/or buses to go around places. Plus, it's usually more convenient for the five of us.

Chungmuro Subway Station

On our last stop before the theme park, we tried this elevator thing that goes up and down like an escalator. It's hard to explain, but I hope you understand based from the picture above.

Selfie while walking to the park shuttle bus stop.

And we're finally in!

My brother, Patrick, checking out the park guide.

My sister and I in the cable car ride.
I couldn't help but compare this place with Disneyland, I'm sorry!

Everland Resort was pretty much like Disneyland, except I didn't know the characters. Plus the restaurants served more Oriental menus than American. And it definitely has more extreme and intense rides–you guys have to try them! 

We originally planned to stay at the park until night time to see the fireworks display since we've never done that before–even in Disneyland. However, by 5 in the afternoon we were already dead tired and ended up shopping for pasalubong at the resort's Weeny Beeny instead.


I wanted to get my friends something they would really love, so... I got them chocolates! 

We headed straight home after that little shopping.

Here's a blurred picture of me on a subway escalator on the way home.
Seoul is pretty cold at night, and I'm so glad I brought a beanie with me that day. 

Chungmuro at night time.
Sorry for the unfocused picture, I took it while crossing the street, haha.

Last Picture: Everland Resort
Short review: Would I go back to the park? Yes, definitely! But not on a summer day, though. The lines are too long and the sun is scorching hot. I'd love to go in December when it's a lot colder!

By the end of the day, I collapsed on the hotel bed, exhausted.

♡ Lois

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